Femme Rider sitting on a motorcycle with black Brap Culture Club Tee

Why Brap Culture Club

Brap comes from the term braaap in the motorbike scene. It describes the sound a motorbike makes when it's on the throttle.

Culture is a way of life, especially the customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people.

Club is a group of people dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
And that's exactly what describes my brand best. With Brap Culture Club I want to create a brand that becomes a symbol of a unique group of people. It is a streetwear label, with focus on women. Since women have little to little space in the motorcycle scene. Over the years it has gotten better. There are some associations and brands founded by women for women on motorcycles. I think that's great and that's the goal of Brap Culture Club.
This idea sparked 5 years ago. When it was noticed in conversation how little attention women get in the motorcycle scene. Also the shopping experience is loosely said rather lame. Mainly functional and far from fashionably cool. While men on their bikes are dressed really stylish.
So the idea came up to open a motorcycle store with women's clothing. A store that should also be a meeting place.

This idea has not let me go. It worked in my head. But how should I realize all this? Five years passed and countless plans were made and then overturned. Until I finally got a heavy setback and no longer had any hope of ever realizing this project. What was missing was money and knowledge.

But then Corona came along. I left Vienna and returned to my home town Salzburg. My cousin, who is a business consultant, gave me some good advice before I moved: "Find a well-paid part-time job or start freelancing. Do something where you can manage your time, then you can start your business on a side-line. And talk to people. Talk, talk, talk."

And as if anyone was listening. It all turned out that way. Thanks to people who believe in me and my project, you can now read this blog on the Brap Culture Club website.
We are at the beginning. We just started the engine. The streetwear label still has to establish itself. But I am convinced that Brap Culture Club will grow and we will soon shift into the next gear.

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