Lina on her Kawasaki z900


 Our first Femme Rider portrait is about @vielzufrech  

Her name is Lina, she is 22 years old and comes from near #Stuttgart. She is been riding motorcycles on the road for 6 years now. Her first rideouts where on the motocross track when with 13 years. Her bike no is a #Kawasaki Z900. We ask her 5 questions about her passion motorcylces.

Woman on her kawasaki z900

# What means riding a motorcycle to you?

- For me, riding a motorcycle means being able to switch off completely. It means freedom for me to feel the wind, the acceleration, the roar of the engine - tingling in the belly. I think every biker can understand what riding a motorcycle does to you. Afterwards you just feel totally freed from any thoughts and just all around happy. Even better than after the favorite chocolate 😝

# What are u feeling when riding on the road?

-"Pure freedom" sums it up pretty well, I think. You put on the helmet, start the engine and switch off the world. You feel free and happy. There is nothing more to add here.

Lina lying on her kawasaki z900

# Whats your best / worst memorie since beiing a rider?

- My best memory ... hard to say, because I have already collected many beautiful memories with the bike. But one of them was this year in the Alps. I rode various passes, a dream of curves and roads, apart from the panorama. At the end of the day when you can enjoy the sunset on or off the bike and all around happy, that's what matters.

- My worst memory was definitely my motorcycle accident on the highway. A car driver clipped me, I fell and slid on the asphalt. The car driver, despite the heavy traffic, just drove on. My motorcycle - total loss, the station wagon - torn but I was still very lucky and got away, thanks to the protective clothing, with minor injuries. So always wear the protective clothing!

# What kind of bikes are u riding and why?

- At the moment I ride a Kawasaki Z900 - a naked bike. I have always ridden naked bikes. My first bike was a Yamaha MT 125, which I rode when I was 16. Then came the A2 bike, a Suzuki SFV 650, but I wasn't particularly happy with it, so then came the Kawasaki. Personally, I think naked bikes are the best combination of comfort and sportiness. Perfect for longer tours or a little funky after work ride. If I have the opportunity someday, I would like to buy a supermoto, because I learned to ride a motorcycle on the motocross track and I have always enjoyed it.

motorcycle with panorama view woman posing with motorcycle woman with motorcycle in front of sunset

# Whats your wish route u have to ride someday?

- My dad used to take me to the Alps every summer to ride his motorcycle. There we drove passes like the Stilfser Joch, Sustenpass, Splügenpass etc.. Of course, that was great as a pillion, but I would still like to ride some of the passes in the Alps myself.

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